i so forgot today was halloween, so i get outta bed like an hour ago and take my dog out and this young girl is coming down the block and she has this green ballet skirt on and white and black striped knee socks and i just thought wow, what are people wearing these days? which is a legit thing to think if you've seen the outfits i see everyday. ever been to the village? yeaaaa... so anyway i continue walking and realize this girl has some odd markings on her face and i get worried for a second but then i realize she has her little dog with her which resembled, in my opinion, toto from the with wizard of oz.. and of course my dog had to frolic around with the toto wannabe.. anyway my point is if she was hurt or something she wouldnt be prancing around with toto, so thats when i stopped to ponder what on earth could be going on, and then i saw a pumpkin on someones stoop and it hit me.. so its halloween & im still not sure what she was supposed to be. dont you be fooled by my reference to toto, this girl was definatelyyyyy not dorothy. i would know.. my mom made me be dorothy for about 3 years straight. this my friend, was no dorothy.....


whip my hair- willow smith ft. nikki minaj

Willow Smith, Will Smith's daughter.  This girl is nine years old, so ridiculous.
First of all, the original song is pretty suggestive for a nine year old.  If a nine year old is gonna have a hit song it should at least be targeted at fellow nine year olds and def should not be played on radio stations like hot 97 or power 105. It should be about ponies and rainbows and shit and play on radio disney (which it def does.)  Im not hating, good for her if she has talent.. but you wouldnt be able to tell either way from this song, its all computerized and shit
But are people aware of child molestation??? Seriously, hellllloo... why would you throw a nine year old into the spotlight like that
and on top of it... put nikki minaj on it?!! I like some of nikki minaj's shit, its not that.. but shes like the new lil kim or janet jackson aka SEX SYMBOL and turning a nine year old girls song into something sexual sends the wrong message.. "so i grab my crotch and say hehe"
& this girls gonna be other nine year old girls' idol. this is what a whole generation of girls are gonna aspire to be like? kids are sooo impressionable, they imitate everything...but then when they grow up and act like nikki minaj its okay to treat them like shit... so its only okay when nikki minaj does it? once again im not hating on nikki minaj, shes not the first sex symbol & she wont be the last. its just the point.. im not condoning being a "whore" - far from it - but what else can you expect when young girls are exposed to this ..its not okay to be teaching young girls to think of themselves and behave this way. boys will be boys and some IF NOT MOST guys will try to make a girl feel like this anyway but a female role model should be doing the opposite and teach self-respectttt. if these girls arent respecting themselves, nobody else is either
not that anyone really gives a fuck what i think, but im just sayin..